Developing Healthy Patient and Staff Relationships

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  • Internal Communications

    We can help your healthcare organization improve its internal communications creating a positive work environment while increasing employee retention and profitability. Read More
  • Customer Relations

    We help you create a healing environment where patients, staff, and physicians all feel valued, and where your staff engages in cooperative, caring behaviors toward their patients and each other. Read More
  • Mystery Shopper

    Our Mystery Shopping services are customized to your practices, and your phone standards. We will work with you to develop scoring criteria to use on our calls, and will ask questions you identify as being typical or important. Read More
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A. Woodward & Associates causes breakthrough results for healthcare organizations by helping your physicians and staff connect with their passion for making a difference for patients. With our expertise in Customer Service, Employee Relations and Organizational Communications we can help you create a healing environment where your patients, staff, and physicians all feel valued. With over 20 years of experience in healthcare management, customer service, and human resources we have developed a unique and innovative approach to developing healthier patient and staff relationships. One that really works!

You, your staff and your patients will benefit from the hands-on consulting, training, and execution of our Positive Practices© system. Whether your needs are between staff members or between your staff and your patients, the Positive Practices© system will make the dream of healthy relationships and a positive work environment a reality.

This proven system includes:

Ø Assessing current levels of customer satisfaction
Ø Planning service improvement and proactive customer service initiatives
Ø Providing step-by-step help in changing your culture to emphasize customer service
Ø Raising productivity and morale by building a strong internal team
Ø Improving internal and external communications
Ø Strengthening critical interpersonal communications with patients and staff
Ø Creating realistic and meaningful recognition and reward strategies that truly motivate your staff

A. Woodward & Associates clients include renowned healthcare systems such as: The Cleveland Clinic Health System, University Hospitals of Cleveland, and Yale New Haven Hospital, just to name a few. Contact us today and join the list of outstanding healthcare organizations who are benefiting from the Positive Practices© system.